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As a VIP member you`ll have access to hundreds of global tours, travel and accommodation discounts - plus the best range of hostel accommodation in Europe, Southern Africa, North, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, NZ and Asia.  The 1 year VIP membership costs $43  (includes postage).

About The Card

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How will a VIP Membership save me money?

With the VIP Membership Card you are entitled to cheaper accommodation at VIP hostels, discounts on airline fares, coach/bus passes, trains, car hire, international phone calls, ferries, restaurants, safari tours, dives, skiing, rafting, horse trekking, photo processing, store purchases, bike hire and lots more ... it`s the best way to ensure you get more for your money.

When you stay at a VIP backpackers resort you`ll find out why VIP is the world`s leading independent backpacker accommodation network. As you travel you`ll discover that there is always a VIP backpacker resort in the best locations offering quality budget accommodation, friendly service, and a welcoming attitude, not to mention the loads of discounts you will receive with your VIP backpacker membership card!

Getting started

1. Register the VIP card and Optus SIM on
2. Swipe your card to issue points in Australia and New Zealand where you see the VIP Rewards sign. If they are not rewards you just show them your VIP Card to get your discount.
3. Book your next bed at VIP members pays 0$ booking fee when they've signed in, saving you $3 per booking!!

Amazing value

Your VIP backpackers` membership card is more than just a piece of plastic! With a VIP card you will receive loads of discounts as you travel. 

An international flavour

There are hundreds of VIP hostels worldwide in great locations that will add to your travelling experience! Choose from more than 1,200 independently operated backpacker resorts in over 80 countries including over 125 in Australia, over 100 in New Zealand, 65 in Africa, over 170 in North, Central and South America, and over 400 in Europe .

Much more than just a bed for the night

In addition to finding all the usual facilities like 24-hour access, kitchens, laundries, lounge rooms and televisions, you`ll notice some added extras too. You`ll most likely find a courtesy bus, trustworthy local advice and tour bookings. You will also find that because all VIP hostels are owner-operated properties, your hosts will work just that bit harder to offer you the best possible service and facilities.

High expectations

Every VIP backpackers resort is unique with each one as individual as you are. Your VIP hostel could be right in the centre of a bustling metropolis, or in the heart of the Australian outback, South Africa`s Zululand or hundreds of other great locations! You can enjoy the variety without sacrificing the quality or value. In fact, the VIP logo is your guarantee that every hostel in the network meets our high standards of quality and value.

Where do I get my VIP Membership Kit?

From your favourite travel agent, or order online here. When ordering online please allow 14 - 21 days for delivery.

Guide Books

When you become a VIP member you`ll receive a guidebook packed with information about VIP, accommodation and discounts relevant to either Australia, New Zealand & Fiji or Worldwide.

Our Worldwide Guidebook has accommodation and discounts for over 80 countries within the world. Both guidebooks work with the VIP membership card, and if used hand in hand, you will be able to experience hundreds of excellent discounts on accommodation, tours & travel, entertainment, adventure and heaps more within Australia and Worldwide!

All establishments listed within this Website support the VIP Backpackers Membership Card. The VIP Membership Card entitles you to discounts that will more than repay your purchase cost and will guide you to the leading backpacker hostels throughout the world.

Your VIP Membership Card is non-transferable, non-refundable and not replaceable in the event of loss, damage or theft so look after it as you would your passport. You may be able to claim on your travel insurance.