Summer is the perfect time to travel around Europe and we've listed five of our all time favourite spots in this newsletter.

All these cities are well connected on our networks and for all your travel needs. And they are very varied: you can eat big in Rome and walk an ancient Roman road, you can serenade your loved one in Paris in one of the most romantic cities in the world, you can join the festivities in London as the Olympics kicks off, you can party on in Barcelona and kick back to mellow vibes in Amsterdam.

They well might say the world is your oyster, but this summer it's Europe!

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www.visitedplanet.comWhat can't you love about Rome? It's full of good coffee, wine, mama's good food, ancient sights and friendly people. For a true experience of the bella villa this is definitely a place to put on your European sojourn.

What to see: the Colosseum where gladiators fought, the romantic Trevi Fountain, hang out on the Spanish Steps, see where Julius Caesar was killed in the Roman Forum, the amazing Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Museum, St Peter's the largest church in the world.

What to eat and drink: There's so much good food where do we start? Obviously coffee and a bit of vino should be on the menu, some gob-smacking pizza, a few different pastas like ravioli or carbonara, the Roman drink amaro if you think you can handle it and a tiramisu or two!

Getting around:
The Rome metro is fabulous for getting around the city as are the buses and trams. Tickets are for time periods so you can travel as often as you like during that time. If you think you can handle the traffic try renting a scooter, or a bicycle, and joining the madness!

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Buckingham Palace guards -

As we wrote in our last newsletter London is going off during July and August with the Olympics and cultural events and festivities. It's a great time to go! At any time of year though ol' London time is gorgeous. There are so many old buildings, great markets, fantastic cultural events and classic things to do and see you won't want to leave.

What to see:
Hear Big Ben chime, see Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard and where Kate and Will kissed on the balcony, go to 10 Downing Street to the famed abode of Prime Ministers, see London Bridge not falling down, take a ride on the London Eye, marvel at St Paul's Cathedral and its famed spires, visit Westminster Abbey where Kate and Wills wed, and catch a game/match at the amazing stadiums such as Wembley and Twickenham.

What to eat and drink: Try an ale or two at a local pub, eat some Shepherd's Pie, check out the local fish and chips,

Getting around: The tube is one of the best ways of scooting around London. You might also like to catch a classic London cab at some point or one of those funky double decker buses.

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Clogs, canals, beer, museums, war memorabilia and other unmentionables of a city that embraces freedom of choice - we're sure you catch our drift. Amsterdam really does have a lot of everything and is wonderful to visit any time of year.

www.visitedplanet.comWhat to see: See some Rembrandts at the Rijks Museum, hang out with the rest of the city in the wonderful public park Vondelpark, visit the emotive and memorable Anna Frank Huis, see more amazing paintings at the Van Gogh Museum, and take in the wonderful 14th century convent of Beginhof.

What to eat and drink: Of course you have to down a few Heinekens while you're in Amsterdam, try an appleflappen, maybe a delicious sweet oliebol or three and some frites with mayonnaise if you please.

Getting around: You must take a canal boat tour while in Amsterdam and get on a bike and do as the Dutch do!

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Ahhh... sweet Paris. The perfect place to hang with a special someone be it your girlfriend, your mum, your sister or anyone really - just go!

What to see: The Eiffel Tower will no doubt be on your list, as will be the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral pictured here, you should stroll down the Champs D'Elysses at least once during a visit, join the crowds at the fantastic Louvre museum ala The DaVinci Code and take in the crazy traffic around the Arc de Triomphe.

What to eat and drink: The cheese is the first place you should start with French food followed closely by the wonderful fresh baguettes, the excellent champagne, the soups

Getting around: Take a cruise down the River Seine at some point. Paris is also a great city for walking but its metro is simply superb and most sights are within an easy stroll of a station.

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Barcelona seems to combine all the qualities of the cities above. It has the elegance of Paris, the history of London, the food of Rome, the art of Amsterdam and what's more it's fun. Here you're guaranteed some excellent nightlife, plenty of amazing architecture to keep buffs happy, fantastic old churches and great dining districts.

What to see: You might like to dance the Sardana with locals outside the Barri Gotic cathedral, see the incredibly impressive Sagrada Familia church, check out some of Salvador Gaudi's creations such as Parc Guell, stroll the Rambla at least once, go to the beach and get to know the man himself at the Museu Picasso.

What to eat and drink: A coffee should be the start and finish to most days in Barcelona, and there should definitely be some wine in there and tapas, as Barcelona lies by the ocean try some fresh seafood too, churros con chocolate, a bit of sangria maybe or pa amb tomaquet (bread rubbed with tomato, oil, garlic and salt). 

Getting around: The metros, buses and the odd tram will get you most of where you need to go in Barca.

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